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Atlanta’s Finest Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy equipment helps athletes recover from injuries.

Atlanta Sports Physical Therapy combines first-rate facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified staff to maximize your healing process.

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Atlanta Sports Physical Therapy is staffed by a friendly, energetic staff that combines teamwork and dedication to achieve the best results. Our physical therapists and support team are qualified in the latest physical therapy techniques and strive to integrate the latest scientific and medical research into our treatment protocols.

We have diverse patients, ranging from professional athletes to recreational athletes. Each patient undergoes an in-depth examination, and receives a personalized therapy program tailored for their specific challenges

Our physical therapy techniques feature manual therapy – where the physical therapists use hands-on techniques to address the affected body parts – and include an exercise regime – which addresses causative factors, such as core weakness.

Our large clinic in Atlanta near I-75 and West Paces Ferry Road is equipped with the most modern physical therapy tools and your therapist will integrate their use into your therapy program.

Patient Education is another important factor in our success.  It is easier to be compliant in a Physical Therapy program, when you understand the reason why you are injured and how we plan to help you heal.

Our clinic is uniquely designed to allow the physical therapy team easy access to communicate directly with the Atlanta Sports Medicine Physicians. This close collaboration benefits you, the patient.

Since, Atlanta Sports Physical Therapy was created in 2004, our doctors and physical therapists have been working closely together to create treatment regimes to accelerate the healing response, and shorten recovery times, and the results have been impressive.

Welcome to Atlanta Sports Physical Therapy.
Atlanta Physical Therapy Facility