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Sports Hernia

groin-injuriesAtlanta Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center frequently and successfully treats Sports Hernia or Athletic Pubalgia, which is a common cause of groin pain in athletes.  A sports hernia is the weakening of the inside of the lower abdominal wall, which is believed to be a result of overuse.  Symptoms of sports hernia include a sudden onset of groin pain, which may radiate into the lower abdomen and testicles.  These symptoms increase with activity causing strain on the abdominal cavity such as a sit up, coughing, and sneezing.  A doctor at Atlanta Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center can diagnose a sports hernia with a simple clinical exam.  Diagnostic tests such as MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound have not been reliable in diagnosis. 

 Atlanta Sports Physical Therapy has a team of physical therapists experienced in treating sports hernia.  A focus on lower extremity stretching, core strengthening, and posture education will help to decrease the stress on the weakened abdominal wall, allowing return to pain free sport and activity.  The Atlanta Sports Physical Therapy team has had great success treating sports hernia, but when conservative treatment does not resolve the symptoms, there is a surgical option to reinforce the weakened area.